All dogs love to sniff and use their noses. Instead of fighting against it, why not find a fun way to allow your dog to indulge in his favourite pastime?


Our scentwork classes give your dog an outlet to do what he loves to do best, whilst allowing you the opportunity to work together and bond as a team. We are positive, reward-based trainers; we use fun training games to build skills incrementally, creating confident, motivated and independent dogs who enjoy the training game.


Instructors Shelley and Kay are recognised Trainers, Judges and Trial Managers for Scentwork UK at Levels One to Four. Your dog will be introduced to a scent and will begin to work with you to find his reward. You will learn about how your dog's nose works and to trust in your dog's nasal skills. You can do it just for fun, or for those who fancy something more competitive then Scentwork UK offer trials at various levels that you can work towards.

These classes are suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds as every dog loves to use its nose, and a dog can never be too young or too old to enjoy this great activity!


Dogs may be required to wait in cars or crates for parts of the session to allow the dog working the space they need. There will be a maximum of 4-6 dogs per class to allow plenty of searches per dog.

We use the hall, the outside space and our vehicles for searches.


Dogs will start with our Beginners Level class, which is split into two 4 week blocks (Part 1 and Part 2), and will then progress in to our Novice class.

The 4 week initial Beginners block includes a free 'scent kit' to get you started at home.

Scentwork C​lasses

New Beginners Course start dates:

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are not currently running classes, and sadly do not know when these will resume. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for future developments, or check back in here. 

Where: Temple Cloud Village Hall, Meadway, Temple Cloud, BS39 5BD

Instructors: Shelley Stubbington & Kay Jennings

Contact Shelley for further details and to book your place.