About us

​Monkey Mutts is a small, family-run, training business with a passion for dogs. We pride ourselves on the positive teaching methods we use to provide the best quality dog training classes around. At Monkey Mutts our classes are fun, friendly and educational for both dogs and owners. We're a small club with a big heart.

Monkey Mutts is named after business owner Shelley's current dog Whirligig, a working-line Cocker Spaniel, who is Shelley's 'little monkey'.

​Shelley Stubbington, Owner & Head Instructor

Monkey Mutts is owned and run by Shelley Stubbington, who has over 20 years experience in training and competing with her own dogs. She is highly qualified to teach both the dogs and the owners, having gained qualifications in both dog training and a nationally-recognised qualification in teaching adult learners. Committed to ensuring her continued professional development, Shelley is always busy researching the latest training techniques and exercises to incorporate them into her classes. Shelley is a recognised Scentwork UK trainer at Levels One to Four, and has recently completed the Trial Manager and Judges course.

Kay Jennings, Assistant
Kay has been involved in dog training for over 30 years, competing in both Obedience and Agility in that time, and is a highly knowledgable and skilled dog trainer. She currently competes in Agility with Dazzle, her working line Cocker Spaniel (litter sister to Shelley's Whirligig), and Scentwork UK trials. Kay is also a recognised Scentwork UK trainer at Levels One to Four, as well as a qualified Trial Manager and Judge.

Our philosophy

​We believe that dogs can enhance our lives and expand our hearts. At Monkey Mutts we aim to show you what a unique character your dog is, and how much enjoyment you can get from working together.

We believe in building confidence and independence in our dogs, and giving them the ability to think for themselves. All our training methods are positive to ensure the learning process is fun for both dog and owner - there is no need for force, harsh handling or physical corrections in modern dog training.

Shelley with Whirligig


"Shelley is a brilliant trainer with a thorough knowledge and understanding of scentwork and how dogs learn. She is a very patient, positive trainer and the training is all reward based. We really look forward to our sessions and I am very pleased with both of my dogs' progress"

Charlotte, Scandal & Fire's owner

"Shelley's lessons are always well-organised and packed full of information, which just makes you want to come back and learn even more! Her dog training knowledge is extensive and is kept current by the amount of courses she loves to go off and do with her own dog - anyone training with her is very lucky indeed!""

Gemma Fisher, owner of Daybreak Dogs


"Shelley's scent lessons are great fun for both the handlers and the dogs. My Springer is challenging but Shelley is helpful and constructive and helps me get the best out of her."

Philip, Trixie's owner

"Positive training is a way of life, not just something you do with a dog."

Susan Garrett, International dog trainer